World Athletics Day 2024: Date, history, significance and all that you need to know

World Athletics Day 2024: From significance to date, here’s all that you need to know about this special day.

Every year, World Athletics Day is observed on May 7.(Keshav Singh/HT)

World Athletics Day 2024: The dedication and hard work of the athletics need to be celebrated. They do not give up in the face of adversity, they hold on to their love for the sport and they go till the finish line, no matter what. Their dedication and love for the sport is inspiring, and athletes all over the world should be honoured and respected for their hard work. Every year, World Athletics Day is observed to honour the athletes and reinstate the lessons of dedication and motivation in us, that we learn from sports. As we gear up to celebrate the special day for this year, here are a few things that we should keep in mind.


Every year, World Athletics Day is observed on May 7. This year, World Athletics Day falls on Tuesday.


The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) was founded in Stockholm, Sweden on July b17, 1912. Since 2019, the organisation is referred to as World Athletics. The first World Athletics Day was celebrated on May 15, 1996, with participation from 50 countries. Late Primo Nebiolo, the then-president of the International Association of Athletics Federations started the celebrations of the special day. Till date, every May 7 is observed a World Athletics Day.


Inclusivity and diversity are promoted in sports. On thi9s special day, young people and kids are encourages to take up sports and practice it. Athletics help people come together and work as a team, further instilling in people the spirit of togetherness. On this day, people come together to celebrate the sportspersons who have shown their dedication and love for their individual sports. Sports help people become more active, develop skills and encourage more physical mobility. It also helps us to alleviate different illnesses and have a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

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