WhatsApp to bring 21 new emojis and new group feature soon.

WhatsApp is working on a slew of new features to release in the future updates of the app. The instant messaging app is developing features to enhance user interface and privacy across all its versions, including Android, iOS or Desktop. Some of the upcoming WhatsApp updates include 21 new emojis for keyboard and a new approval feature for group chat admins.

According to Wabetainfo, a site that tracks all the developments in WhatsApp reveals that the platform is testing 21 new emojis for its Android beta users. With the new batch of emojis, users will not have to look for a separate keyboard to send these emojis in the chat.

In addition, WhatsApp is also working on a new feature which will let its users who are group admins approve new participants. This feature will further give more control to group admins as they will be able to limit or control the number of people who can join a group and manage the group chat more efficiently.

A report by Wabetainfo suggests that the Meta-owned instant messaging app is testing 21 new emojis for its Android beta users. Which means the new palette of emoji are now available for the Android beta version and is expected to roll out for all Android users in future updates.
Notably the new emojis are part of WhatsApp’s latest Unicode 15.0 update. Earlier, the new emojis were not available officially as they were under development. But now WhatsApp is testing and releasing the emojis officially for its users.

It is advisable for users to keep their WhatsApp app updated to get all the latest updates including the new emojis in the keyboard.

According to the report, the new approval feature is available for testing with the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS and Android. The new approval feature will be useful for users who want to limit or control the number of people who are able to join a group if the participants are joining the group via group invite link.

Once enabled from the settings, WhatsApp users will see a message in the group chat prompting that new participants are seeking approval from the admin to join the group.

While the feature is currently available only for beta users, it will soon be released to everyone. Once available, users will find the new group settings in Group Settings where an option titled ‘Approve New Participants’ will be available.

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