What is TikTok’s ‘Likable Person’ trend? And how to do it?

Discover the latest TikTok trend, the ‘Likable Person Test,’ and learn how users are engaging with it.

Are you ‘Likable’? Join the TikTok trend taking the platform by storm. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration(REUTERS)

Since its popularity, TikTok has seen a surge in a plethora of content where audiences look to contribute to any trending patterns.

What is ‘Likeable Person’’ trend?

One trend that has become a hot topic among users on the platform is ‘Likable Person Test’, which is proving to be a viral trend based on the answers to a series of questions given by the user and gets some information about their likability or likability.

How to participate in the ‘Likable Person Test’ trend?

Interacting with the Likable Person Test shift direction is uncomplicated. First, these users open their TikTok app and then head over to the IDR Labs website TikTok app to get acquainted with the Likable Person Test (LPT). The assessment will consist of 35 questions that has an adjoin slider which the responders can adjust according to the level of agreement or disagreement.

While cruising through the exam, they are advised to recall the traits in their character and their nature that have been interconnected with the information learned so far. The location of the slider indicates how much the individual agrees, the choice lies along the spectrum from total agreement to total disagreement.

When people are thorough with the questions, the program algorithm calculates the percentage of likability. It puts participants into Likable, somewhat Likable and Impossible categories.

Understanding Your Results

The Likable Person Test gives out more than just a simple percent; in addition to that, it provides a diagram that highlights the traits which are of great value to ensure likeability. This map enables people to figure out and recognize the kind of qualities they like and dislike between themselves and someone else, which in turn, provides more insights into themselves and brings about personal growth.

Sharing Your Likability on TikTok

A screenshot is taken after the quiz is over and shared with the individual’s TikTok following. This is a key step that gives people a chance to share their experiences as well as discover new things about each other’s choices. It triggers conversations between individuals over the socials that create a sense of belonging and togetherness.

The test’s accuracy hinges on the honesty of the participants. Users are reminded to answer truthfully to ensure their results genuinely reflect their personality.

The Likable Person Test is the latest in a series of quiz trends that have become popular on TikTok. According to Dexerto, 2024 has already seen a variety of viral trends, including the personality style test and the mental age quiz test. These interactive challenges have become a staple on the platform, allowing users to explore different facets of their identity while engaging with a global audience.

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