US student loses scholarship over dance video on social media.

Since the incident, many students have come forward to support the girl who lost her scholarship over a dance video. A 17-year-old Louisiana high school student was stripped of her scholarship after a video of her dancing at a party was shared on social media. Kaylee Timonet, a senior at Walker High School, was filmed at a private event in Livingston Parish Country. The clip showed her dancing behind a friend who was twerking. After the video was shared on social media, the school principal of Walker High School said he would revoke her leadership role and assistance in scholarship applications, reports the Guardian.

In an interview with Unfiltered with Kiran, Timonet shared that she was called into the principal’s office, where they made her watch her dance video. “They basically told me I should be ashamed of myself and that they were concerned about my afterlife if I wasn’t following basically God’s ideals, which made me cry even more,” said Timonet to Unfiltered with Kiran.

She further added, “I felt like my life was over. Everything I worked for since I was little, always worked really hard at school. Being student of the year, at least having a chance at it, has always been my main goal. I’m starting college this January. I’m done in December so it was a shock.” Rachel Timonet, Kaylee’s mother, met separately with the principal because she felt left out of the initial discussion with her daughter. She also questioned the principal for questioning her daughter’s religious faith.According to the New York Post, the school community has been selling t-shirts with the slogans “Let the Girl Dance” and “I stand with Kaylee Timonet,” in support of Timonet. As the community supports her, Timonet also says that it has helped her to move past this unpleasant incident.

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