This 2-Minute Dip Is Healthy And Delicious, And Perfect For Quick Snacking.

Nutritionist shared a video revealing an interesting recipe for a dip. You can rustle up this dip in no time.

A flavourful dip not only works as a great accompaniment to your snacks but also amps up the taste and overall experience. After all, while you are chilling at home binge-watching your favourite series, some crispy delights like chips or nachos with dips come to your rescue. Now, many of us, to avoid the elaborate process of preparing dips, prefer buying them from outside. No matter how much you rely on packaged food products, homemade alternatives are any day better. What if we tell you that a delectable, gooey dip can be prepared in just two minutes? You can also rustle it up whenever guests arrive. All you have to do is serve them some snacks along with this quick dip for a wonderful indulgence. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija, through her Instagram post, shares a recipe for a finger-licking delicious and healthy dip. Take a look:


1) Greens (This recipe uses spring onions)

2) Coriander leaves
3) Garlic
4) Herbs (The expert added chilli flakes and smoked paprika)
5) Nuts of choice (Pine nuts)

6) Yogurt of your choice (dairy or non-dairy)
7) Crackers

To make this dip, Pooja Makhija said that you can use greens of your choice. She used chopped spring onions. Then, add chopped coriander and garlic. To add some heat, the nutritionist put chilli flakes and smoked paprika. You can also add nuts, just the way she took pine nuts. Give it a tempering with a little bit of oil. Just heat some oil and put it all over the preparation. Top it up with crackers and you are good to go. You can enjoy it with nachos or chips and it’ll taste amazing!

Since we were discussing packaged dips and homemade alternatives, what are your views on pickles? Yes, while many buy it from stores, most of us make it at home and keep it for the process of fermentation over months, before we finally dig into it. 

On a different note, Pooja Makhija, once, shared an easy recipe for a probiotic pickle. As usual, it’s healthy and equally delectable. For this, she used raw chopped onions and poured some apple cider vinegar followed by hot water into it. She then added raw beetroots and salt. You can also use carrots, cauliflower or cabbage if you want. Just put the preparation at room temperature for 24 to 36 hours and the probiotic pickle is ready. You can enjoy it with roti, sandwiches and with your meals, basically.

You can try these recipes at home and they will make your work easy.

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