“There’s no stopping Elon Musk”: Vladimir Putin can’t keep calm about tech mogul

Putin was full of praise for Elon Musk who he called a “smart person”.

Elon Musk attends the premiere of ”Lola” held at the Regency Bruin Theatre in Los Angeles, California, U.S., February 3, 2024. REUTERS/Aude Guerrucci(REUTERS)

One of the more interesting tangents from Tucker Carlson’s two-hour interview with Vladimir Putin was the latter heaping praise on Elon Musk.

When Carlson asked Putin about AI and Neuralink, Putin joked that the questions were getting more “complicated”. He told Carlson: “Mankind is currently facing many threats. Due to the genetic researchers, it’s now possible to create a superhuman, a specialised human being, a genetically-engineered athlete, scientist, military man.”

When told about Elon Musk implanting a chip in the brain (Neuralink), he said: “I think there’s no stopping Elon Musk. He will do as he sees fit. Nevertheless, you’ll need to find some common ground with him. Search for ways to persuade him. I think he’s a smart person. I truly believe he is. So you’ll need to reach an agreement with him because this process needs to be formalized and subjected to certain rules.”\

For his part, Musk hasn’t reaced to Putin’s praise though he did share the link to the full interview that was posted on X by Carlson.

President Vladimir Putin said in an interview released Thursday with US talk show host Tucker Carlson that the West should understand it is “impossible” to defeat Russia in Ukraine.

In a two-hour interview with the former Fox News host — coming just ahead of the two-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — Putin also said a deal “can be reached” on imprisoned Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich.

“There are certain terms being discussed via special services channels,” he said, while insisting that the reporter is a spy — something the Journal and US government vehemently deny.

It was the first one-on-one interview of Putin by someone from the Western media since 2019.

However Carlson, who is close to White House candidate and former president Donald Trump, asked few tough questions and largely listened while the Kremlin leader lectured him on his views of Russian history, portraying the country as a victim of Western betrayals.

Putin defended his decision to invade Ukraine in February 2022. And he said the West now realizes that Russia will not be defeated, despite US, European and NATO help to Ukraine.

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