Telangana Hospital Turns Wedding Venue For Bride Admitted A Day Ago.

A hospital ward became a wedding venue in Telangana for a woman who had to be admitted just ahead of her special day.

Bride-to-be Shailaja, who comes from a poor family, had to be rushed to the hospital in Mancherial for surgery a day before her wedding.

With all arrangements made for the wedding and relatives having arrived for the function, her family faced the dilemma of whether they should cancel it.

But fate had other plans as the groom decided to go ahead with the wedding and not let the money already spent go to waste.

The families then approached the doctors and requested them to allow wedding rituals in the hospital ward.

To their surprise, the hospital not only agreed but made all the arrangements for the wedding in the hospital.

Videos showed Shailaja teary-eyed as she finally got married on the hospital bed with the groom reaching out to wipe her tears.

The hospital did not only save her life but also acted like her parents by organising her wedding inside the hospital, said her sister.

But the real hero was the groom who ensured that the wedding rituals were as per the original schedule and did not mind the venue change, said one of the doctors.

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