Tamil Nadu man killed for calling neighbour’s dog a ‘dog’

A 65-year-old farmer was killed after a fight reportedly over calling his neighbour’s pet dog a ‘dog’ in Thadikombu town of Tamil Nadu’s Dindigul district.

Rayappan had an issue with his neighbour’s dogs. He had complained several times that the dogs of his neighbours, who are also his relatives Daniel and Vincent, had been aggressive towards people passing by. But the quarrel started over Rayappan refusing to call the dogs by their names and saying that the dogs should be kept on leash.

On Thursday, the situation went out of hand. During an argument, Rayappan sought a stick to attack the dogs. This enraged Vincent and Daniel and they hit him. Following this, Rayappan fell unconscious and died.

The Thadikombu Police have registered a case and issued a look out notice for the accused.

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