Shocking: Woman passenger suffers scorpion bite onboard Air India’s Nagpur-Mumbai flight.

In a rare incident, a woman passenger was bitten by a scorpion onboard an Air India flight from Nagpur to Mumbai last month.

On landing at the airport, the passenger was attended by a doctor, subsequently treated at a hospital and discharged, the airline said in a statement today.

Air India said there was an “extremely rare and unfortunate incident involving a scorpion biting a passenger onboard our flight AI 630 on April 23, 2023”.

According to the airline, it followed the protocol and conducted complete inspection of the aircraft and found the scorpion after which a due fumigation process was carried out.

Following the incident, Air India asked the catering department to advise dry cleaners to check their facilities for any bed bugs infestation and if necessary, carry out fumigation of the facilities as there is a possibility of bugs finding their way into the aircraft through the supplies, an Air India official told Press Trust of India.

Earlier also, there have been instances of reptiles being found onboard aircraft.

In December last year, a snake was found in the cargo hold of an Air India Express plane from Calicut after it landed at the Dubai airport.

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