Senior citizen loses Rs 40,000 in card swapping fraud.

A 60-year-old retired central government employee
became the victim of debit card swapping fraud on Monday
while trying to deposit Rs 2,000 notes in the bank.
An officer from the Lonavla city police told TOI that the
complainant found that he had five Rs 2,000 notes and
decided to deposit it in the bank on Monday.
He said that while the complainant was depositing the notes
in the machine, an unknown man standing behind him told
the latter to do it fast as he was in a hurry. “The man then
asked the complainant if he could help him. The man took
the complainant’s debit card and its PIN and deposited the
notes. He returned the card to the complainant and told him
to wait outside the kiosk,” the officer added.
He said after the man left, the complainant again entered
the kiosk to check his balance. “He found that his debit card
was not operating. So he went to the bank manager,” the
officer said. When the manager checked the card, he found
that the elderly man possessed someone else’s card. “The
manager checked the complainant’s balance and found
that Rs 40,000 was withdrawn from his account,” the officer

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