Revolution and Violence – What’s Happening in Kazakhstan ?!

Kazakhstan boasts of having the largest reserves of crude oil and natural gas. While other countries have started with the New Year celebrations, only Kazakhstan has started with the struggle.

Although natural resources are plentiful, most of the work done by foreign companies is to extract and purify it from the soil. Foreign companies, including Chevron and Exxon, are involved in exports because they can make more profit if they export. Due to this, there was still a problem for the use of local people.

In this context, the Kazakh government last Sunday lifted its price cap on cooking gas. Therefore, the price of gas increased. The people of Kazakhstan went on strike to condemn the rise in prices.

The government, which implemented the reform, hoped it would increase domestic market supply. Kazakhstan’s oil production is largely outsourced to multinational corporations. But, contrary to expectations, the price almost doubled overnight to 120-tenz per liter.

The fuel market reform, which was first introduced in 2015, came into effect earlier this month. Due to this reform law, the price of gas in that country has risen to an all-time high. In an environment where 6.1 percent of the population in Kazakhstan is already suffering from unemployment, this sharp rise in prices has caused unrest among the population.

Kazakhstan, which has been facing recent problems in the energy sector, did not generate enough electricity last year. Therefore, the government of Kazakhstan is currently forced to look to Russia for help in overcoming the blockade. In this context, the last few days have seen a violent eruption of popular protests against the government condemning inflation. In most cities in the country, people are struggling to take to the streets.

The police have demonstrated that the tear gases and the tears are treating the engaging in the struggle. Commenting on the protest, the Kazakh president accused the militant group of “instigating extremism.” .

The protests, which initially started due to rising fuel prices, were politicized in a few days. People began to express anger over the thirty-year rule of Nursultan Nazarbayev. The government’s unfulfilled promises of economic change in the country have caused discontent among the people for years. Amid problems of unemployment and inadequate wages, the Corona erupted into recession.

Government Reaction

President Djokovic has declared a state of emergency in some of the country’s worst-hit areas. Troops have been sent to various cities to deal with the protesters.


Kazakhstan was formerly a Soviet Union. It still has good relations with Russia today. Putin of Russia was a major supporter of Nazarbayev. Russia has sent troops in this context.

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