Omicron: 2 crore people isolated in iron boxes in China

The corona virus, which is said to have spread from wuhan in China, is causing great harm around the world today. As of today, more than 31 million people are infected with the corona virus. 

The new dangerous variant of the corona virus is spreading rapidly in the world. Meanwhile, China is said to be enforcing stricter rules in its country to avoid this variation. In fact, the Omicron version has only been found in 2 cities other than Anyang, which has a population of 55 million.

In this situation, it has been reported that the government of China is keeping the infected people of the corona virus in big iron box camps. Camps with iron boxes have been set up in various parts of the country for this purpose. An isolated complex of 108 acres has been set up in Shijiazhuang Province.

The Beijing province of China will host the Winter Olympics next month. Following this, the government has isolated millions of people to eradicate the corona, based on the principle of corona without China.

Pregnant women, children and the elderly are all confined to iron compartments with only one bed and one toilet. Even if someone in China has a corona, all the people in that area are brought in and isolated in iron boxes for up to 2 weeks.

The Chinese Communist government has ordered the isolation of more than 2 crore people in their homes in several cities, including Anyang.

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