Number Theory: What does latest Electoral Bond data tell us?

There were 62 companies whose paid-up capital was ₹1 lakh — the minimum mandated under Indian laws, which is usually the preserve of small companies

On March 21, the Election Commission of India released details of purchasers and redeemers with alpha numeric codes which makes it possible to match donors and recipients for ₹12,146 crore out of 12,769 worth of Electoral Bonds redeemed from April 12, 2019. has matched 771 companies out of the 1,263 buyers, covering ₹11,484 crore out of the total ₹12,155 crore purchased from April 12, 2019 with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) database of companies. Here are five key takeaways from this matching of ECI and MCA data.

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