Lord Ram Lalla’s jewellery: Know significance of mukut, kaustubha mani, vijayamala

Silver toys have been kept in front of the Ram Lalla idol for him to play with since the lord has been enshrined in the form of a five-year-old.

Each piece of jewellery that the idol of Lord Ram Lalla in the Ayodhya Ram Temple was adorned with carries significance. Since the deity is five years old, silver toys have been kept for him to play with – including a rattle, elephant, horse, camel, toy cart and a spinning top. The Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust revealed the minute details of Ram Lalla’s divine ornaments after the grand pran pratishtha event on January 22.

Crown carries emblem of Sun God

The gold crown embedded with rubies, emeralds and diamonds has been crafted in North Indian tradition. At the centre, there is an emblem of Surya Dev. On the right side of the crown, strands of pearls are woven.

Kaustubha Mani

Decorated with a large ruby and diamonds, the Kaustubha Mani adorns the heart of the idol. The Trust said according to scriptures, all incarnations of Vishnu wear this gem in their heart.

Vijayamala, a symbol of victory

This is the longest necklace that Ram Lalla is wearing. The gold necklace studded with rubies stands for victory. It has symbols of Vaishnava tradition — Sudarshana chakra, lotus, shankh and the mangal kalash.

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