Jill Biden accused of supporting genocide at Arizona campaign stop, Pro-Palestinian protestors

First Lady Jill Biden called Trump “dangerous to women” in Tucson, was ultimately blasted by Pro-Palestinian protestors over US support of Israel.

First lady Jill Biden also addressed women at Eat restaurant in downtown Las Vegas on Saturday. She listened to women discuss their concerns about gun violence, reproductive rights and other topics on March 2, 2024. The event was part of a nationwide program to organize and mobilize female voters. (Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun via AP)(AP)

First Lady Jill Biden is taking proactive strides, pushing for her husband’s re-election campaign. On Saturday, she stopped by Tucson, the second stop in a tour to gain the favour of women voters for President Joe Biden. As she continued to blast the Republican anti-abortion view, Pro-Palestinian protestors interrupted her, claiming that she and her husband were supporting ‘genocide’, backing Israel’s military campaign in the Gaza strip.

While at Fox Tucson Theatre, she rallied the crowd, composed of mostly women, against the front-running Republican rival, Donald Trump. “It’s no accident that Arizona is one of the places we’ve chosen to stop during our launch for ‘Women for Biden’ this weekend. Because four years ago, Arizona, you put us in the White House,” Biden soothed the crowd. The landmark abortion case Roe v Wade (2022) has especially encouraged women to turn up in favour of the Democrats.

However, during her 15-minute-long address, Biden’s speech flow was disrupted multiple times as protestors called the hostile showdown between Israel and the militant group Hamas to attention. As Pro-Palestinian protestors continued to speak up against Israel’s ongoing military campaign in Gaza, the crows drowned out their voices with supportive chants for Biden.

What happened at Jill Biden’s Arizona campaign stop

Posing a similar ignorant outlook towards the issue at the time, Biden continued targeting Trump, portraying his disrespect towards women. “Donald Trump is dangerous to women and our families. We simply cannot let him win,” added Biden. 

However, a different look at the Arizona stop, as shown in the X (formerly Twitter) video shared above, a protestor was assaulted for advocating humanitarian grounds and calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. A woman rose to the occasion and interrupted Biden’s speech to ask her when she and the President were going to call for a ceasefire. The surrounding members of the crowd were spotted pushing her around. A much older man than herself is repeatedly seen manhandling her to suppress her actions. Several women older than her also coerced her to sit down as others drowned her voice out under a booing outcry before security led her out of the theatre.

Fox News also reported other demonstrators standing up to Biden at the event. A male protestor yelled, “It’s genocide! You and your husband support the genocide of the Palestinian people.” Counter-protesting these cries, other audience members shouted “Four more years” to silence the demonstrators. 

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