India’s first solar-powered village

On October 9, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will recognise Modhera, a village in Gujarat’s Mehsana district that is known for its Sun Temple, as India’s first solar-powered village, marking a significant step toward spreading renewable energy.

The Sun Temple is located in Modhera, along the Pushpavati River. Bhima-I of the Chalukya dynasty built it around 1026–1027.

“On October 9, at around 5:30 pm, PM Modi will inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of multiple projects at Modhera in Mehsana. This will be followed by Darshan and Pooja at Modheshwari Mata Temple at around 6:45 pm, followed by a visit to Surya Mandir at 7:30 pm,” according to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

More than 1,000 solar panels have been put on village homes, the Gujarat government reported in a series of tweets, providing the people with electricity 24 hours a day. Significantly, they will receive cost-free solar electricity.

In accordance with the Prime Minister’s goal of boosting the use of renewable energy in India, it has assured the sustainable implementation of a number of welfare projects in Gujarat, the Gujarat government claims.

Modhera’s Sun Temple, a protected ancient site, will acquire a 3-D projection facility on October 9. According to the Gujarat government, PM Modi will dedicate the solar-powered 3-D display, which will inform tourists about the history of Modhera.

Heritage lighting has been put on the temple grounds as part of the renovation. People can visit the temple between the hours of 6 and 10 pm to see the lighting. Every evening, the 3-D projector will be in use.

In Modhera, Prime Minister Modi will preside over a public ceremony where he will dedicate to the country and lay the cornerstone for projects worth more than ₹3,900 crore. Modhera will be recognised as India’s first village with solar power running continuously.

“This project, which is first of its kind, realises the Prime Minister’s vision of solarization of the sun-temple town of Modhera. It involved developing a Ground Mounted Solar power plant and more than 1300 Rooftop solar systems on residential and Government buildings, all integrated with Battery Energy storage systems (BESS). The project will demonstrate how India’s renewable energy prowess can empower people at the grassroots,” the statement reads.

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