India Successfully Test-Fires Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile From INS Arihant

India’s first indigenously developed nuclear submarine, INS Arihant successfully launched a ballistic missile on Friday. The test of the missile to a predetermined range resulted in a highly accurate impact in the target area in the Bay of Bengal, validating all operational and technological parameters, as per a statement by Ministry of Defense, news agency ANI reported. 

The Ministry further added that the successful user training launch of the SLBM (submarine-launched ballistic missile) by INS Arihant is significant for proving crew competency and validating the SSBN (Sub Surface Ballistic Nuclear) programme, which is an important component of India’s nuclear deterrence capability, ANI reported. 

The test conducted supports India’s commitment of “No First Use,” the ministry stated. 

“It is consistent with India’s goal to have “Credible Minimum Deterrence” that supports its “No First Use” commitment to have a strong, resilient, and assured retaliation capability: Defense Ministry, ANI reported. 

The Strategic Forces Command (SFC) or the Strategic Nuclear Command (SNC), which is controlled by the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office), is directly responsible for the construction, commissioning, testing, and status of the SSBNs, as per an article by The Hindu. 

INS Arihant is a 6,000-tonne submarine with a length of 110 metres and a breadth of 11 metres. The vessel is able to carry 12 Sagarika K 15 submarine launched ballistic missiles that have a range of over 700 km, Indian Express reported. 

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