“If India Win World Cup, Will Give ₹ 100 Crore To…”: Astrotalk CEO

India, led by Rohit Sharma, will face five-time world champion Australia in the World Cup 2023 final on Sunday.

India vs Australia ODI World Cup 2023 final will take place at the Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad.

New Delhi: 

The much-awaited India vs Australia ODI World Cup 2023 final will take place on Sunday. The final showdown will be held at the Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad.

Hours ahead of the clash, Puneet Gupta, the CEO of Astrotalk, has promised to distribute a staggering Rs 100 crore to Astrotalk users if India lift the World Cup trophy.

Mr Gupta took a nostalgic trip down memory lane and talked about the last time India won the ODI World Cup in 2011.

In a heartfelt post on LinkedIn, he said, “The last time India won the World Cup was in 2011, I was studying in college, and it was one of the happiest days of my life.”  

Mr Gupta vividly recalled the tense atmosphere leading up to the match, revealing, “We didn’t sleep well before the day of the match as we kept discussing the match strategy the whole night.”

The happiness that followed the victory was palpable in his words as he described the celebratory scenes with his friends, “Once we won the match, I had goosebumps for the longest duration. I hugged all my friends. We went on a bike ride in Chandigarh and did bhangra at every roundabout with unknown people. We hugged everyone we met. It was truly the happiest day of my life.” 

Mr Gupta shared his plans for the upcoming World Cup, expressing his desire to extend the joy to the Astrotalk community.

“Last time I had a few friends with whom I could share my happiness, but this time we have so many Astrotalk users who are more like friends, so I must do something to share my happiness with them,” he expressed.

Driven by this sentiment, Mr Gupta said, “So, this morning I spoke to my finance team and pledged to distribute ₹ 100 crore to our users in their wallets if India wins the World Cup.”

“Let’s just pray, support, and cheer for India. Indiaaaaa India!!! Hugs in advance,” he added. 

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