Here’s how Donald Trump can raise money by $3 billion to pay his legal bills

Donald Trump’s social media’ company, Truth Social is all set to debut, as former President swims in legal woes.

Will Donald Trump’s media stock surge solve his legal woes?(AP Photo/Mike Stewart, File)(AP)

The Trump Media & Technology Group, the parent of the Truth Social digital platform, may begin to trade on the stock exchange by Monday. Such a transaction could potentially increase former President Donald Trump‘s wealth by more than $3 billion, serving as a way to pay for expanding legal complaints and further harnessing the President’s political ambitions.

The former president has appeared in front of “the camera” after the judge’s ruling requiring him to pay $454 million in a fraud case in New York City because of his inflating property values upon the banks.

Shedding light on the under-the-radar solution

As a last measure, Trump has submitted his appeal to the appeals court with two goals: either halting the judgment until the verdict is made or being granted a lowered bond with the acknowledgement of his financial strain. Trump has spent $50 million to clear his legal bills last year, and realizes that there are unavoidable financial obligations for him.

Now when it is the alpha and the omega to the public debut of Trump Media through its merger with Digital World Acquisition Corporation – after years of having to shuffle regulatory procedures and lawyer visits – the company might have finally observed the light. The merger, which is required to get shareholder approvals by August 3, is also subject to a lockup provision among the shareholders who will not be able to sell their shares, a practice followed by a large number of companies to maintain the price stability and inspire investor confidence.

Nevertheless, it is not unlikely that these prohibitions will be exploited by businesses that will seek to evade their provisions due to the substantial participation of the incumbent in the media outlet. He can apply for exemption from the Board Digital World or use another way, such as transmitting shares to them or presenting the shares to family members. The makeup of the Trump Media board, which might contain individuals, who held important positions in the administration or his son Donald Trump Jr., would be more likely to pave the way for such requests to be approved.

Upon shareholder approval, Trump Media is slated to commence trading, with Trump’s 79 million shares estimated to exceed $3 billion based on Digital World’s current stock price. Nonetheless, the trading trajectory remains uncertain given Trump Media’s substantial losses and modest advertising revenue, raising questions about its market performance.

Upon completion of the merger, Digital World’s shareholders, predominantly individual investors, will transition to become stockholders of Trump Media. Many of these shareholders have been vocal supporters of Trump on Truth Social.

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