Halloween Brain Teaser: Can you find a spider and a candy corn in this pic?

“Can you find a spider? And candy corn?” wrote Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás while sharing a Halloween-themed brain teaser on Facebook.

Halloween Brain Teaser; Can you spot a candy corn and a spider?

Halloween is nearly upon us, and the spooky feeling has already gripped people. Besides trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving, there are numerous other enjoyable ways to spend this holiday with your loved ones. One option is to engage in solving Halloween-themed brain teasers. With that in mind, we present a mind-bending image that will captivate you. This brain teaser invites puzzle enthusiasts to find a spider and candy corn among a sea of candies. Can you spot them both in just five seconds?

“Can you find a spider? And candy corn?” wrote Gergely Dudás, who also goes by Dudolf, on Facebook. Alongside, he shared a mind-bending brain teaser. The picture shows candies of different shades, shapes and sizes. A carved pumpkin is also there in the top left corner. However, hidden among them in plain sight are a spider and a candy corn. Can you find them in the given time frame? The countdown begins now…

Take a look at this Halloween-themed brain teaser right here:

Halloween Brain Teaser: Can you find a spider and candy corn?

The brain teaser was shared on October 26. It has since amassed over 300 reactions and several reshares. Many even took to the comments section of the post to share answers.

Here’s how people reacted to this brain teaser:

“Finally found the spider. Well done. Candy corn was easier to find but still a challenge,” posted a Facebook user.

Another added, “Found spider and candy corn!”

“Found them,” expressed a third.

A fourth commented, “Wow! That took a while.”

“Found them. Somehow, I found the less obvious one first,” shared a fifth.

A sixth wrote, “These are great! Thank you!”

“Found the spider really fast. Took a bit longer to find the candy corn,” remarked a seventh.

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