Fake kidnapping scams: How criminals are using AI tools to rob you of your earned money.

For those coming to terms with words like phishing, vishing and sextortion, there is another crime they must be aware of – Fake kidnapping scam. What’s scary is that, scammers have perfected the art of using artificial intelligence to run this scam. In a fake kidnapping scam, a scammer claims to have kidnapped a close relative of the targeted victim, and makes him pay ransom money. Only after the victim regains his senses, does he realise that he has been the victim of a scamming racket. Experts say, it takes just about a minute or two of a person’s recordings for an AI programme to clone his or her voice. Which means, if the scammer has access to a minute or two of phone call recordings or an audio clip of any person, his voice can be cloned using AI and the scammer can produce a desperate sounding message from this person.

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