Don’t worry! Burry the ghosts of 2019 and believe in Rohit Sharma’s Team India to topple New Zealand at World Cup semis

India vs New Zealand World Cup 2023: History is against Team India, but with the group of players Rohit Sharma has assembled, everything, everyone is beatable.

Do not panic! Rohit Sharma and Co. have got this(Getty)

Do not panic! Rohit Sharma and Co. have got this(Getty)

You’re worried! We know. You’re in fear. Scared that the 10-year-long wait for an ICC title might go up in flames again. Afraid that the dreaded past of the last two World Cups will return to haunt Team India tomorrow against New Zealand in the semifinal. Tensed that the World Cup trophy might slip out of reach despite reaching so close. Doubtful if India will get one past their bogey team in another ICC knockout game! You’re worried; we get it. It’s the same narrative everywhere – social gatherings, X and WhatsApp groups. Influencers are squeezing their creative juices; memers working overtime on Instagram. India up against their chief tormentor. It’s make or break. We get it!

But what if we tell you… don’t. Fear not the prospect of an Indian defeat, the lingering possibility of a batting collapse, the anxiety surrounding the law of averages, or the nagging doubt about whether the formidable bowling attack might endure an off day. What if we assure you that there’s truly nothing to worry about? While it’s natural to sense a few jitters or butterflies in the stomach under the weight of history, there’s genuinely no need to panic. We’ve got this. Scratch that, even better: Rohit Sharma has got this.

ICC Champions Trophy final 2000. 2021 World Test Championship final. 2019 World Cup semifinal. These memories are a bitter pill for the average Indian cricket fan to swallow. Chris Cairns’ counterattacking century overshadowing Sourav Ganguly’s hundred, Kyle Jamieson blowing away the star-studded Indian batting line-up and Martin Guptill’s bullet throw that ended Virat Kohli and Co’s marauding run and MS Dhoni‘s India career. Yeah, that’s quite a weight to bear.

But times have indeed changed. This is not an Indian team dependent on one demi-god, neither will it be batting on seaming and swinging conditions of a Day 1 pitch in Southampton. The tinkering with the Playing XI is a thing of the past. Rohit and Rahul Dravid have crafted a well-oiled, well-rounded machine that seems complete from every angle.

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