Change of ministries managed by Ministers … New emerging ‘Natural Resources’ sector

The Chief Secretary has issued a divine order to change the departments managed by 3 ministers in Tamil Nadu. A statement has been issued on behalf of the Tamil Nadu government in this regard. The statement added:

The Airports Department, which was overseen by Transport Minister Rajakannappan, is allotted to Industries Minister Gold South. Foreign Human Resources Corporation Limited (OMCL) is assigned to Minister of Minority Welfare Ginger Mastan in response to the Minister of Labor Welfare.

The sudden change in the portfolios of the Tamil Nadu government and its ministries has caused a stir in the political arena. As there are already 38 government departments in Tamil Nadu, a new natural resource sector will be created in Tamil Nadu. It also states that the Geology and Mining and Minerals Corporation will come under the Natural Resources Department.

It has been said that Water Resources Minister Thuraimurugan will look after the natural resources department and the Geology, Directorate of Mines and the Clay Institute will operate under the natural resources department.

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