Camel kills owner, and what happened in Rajasthan!!

BIKANER: An agitated camel reportedly severed its owner’s
head in Panchu village of Bikaner. After the incident, which
took place on Monday evening, the villagers tied the animal
to a tree and killed it by beating it with sticks.
An old saying goes that when a camel gets angry, it does not
even spare its owner.

SHO of Panchu station Manoj Yadav said that the camel was
tied in a hamlet near the village. Seeing another camel
passing by, the camel ran after it breaking the rope.
When the owner of the camel, identified as Sohanram
Nayak, went to rein in the violent animal, it attacked him
throwing him to the ground.

The camel lifted picked its owner by the neck and threw him
on the ground, chewing his head.
The victim’s family members and locals gathered at the spot
and a few of them somehow controlled the camel and tied it
to a tree.

To calm the camel, the villagers started beating it with sticks
fearing that it could hurt anybody, resulting in the death of
the animal.

A video of the locals beating the animal to death also went
viral on social media after the incident. No complaint has
been received so far with regard to killing the state animal.
The man’s body was handed over to the family after postmortem.

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