Bengaluru woman gets request from stranger to share flat.

It is not easy to rent a house in Bengaluru; people often complain not just about exorbitant rents but also landlords’ unreasonable demands. However, these are not the only things people have to deal with. A woman took to the microblogging platform X to reveal how a stranger approached her with an unusual proposition.

Akanksha Mishra, who works as a content strategist and writer, shared a screenshot of the conversation she had with the stranger. The man told her that he was also looking for a flat on rent “in a budget and decent locality”. He asked her if she would be comfortable in joining hands.

Mishra told him that she was not comfortable with “male flatmates”. Responding to this, the man said if she was single, they could share the “place for life (upon mutual vibe/respect)”.

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