Bengaluru man orders pizza while stuck in traffic, gets delivered in car.

The unprecedented traffic congestion in Bengaluru on Wednesday left many commuters frustrated as they had to wait on the road for hours to reach their homes. A video of a man ordering pizza while he got stuck in the traffic went viral on social media. The pizza got delivered while he was still in the traffic.

A design engineer named Rishi was stuck on Bengaluru’s outer ring road jam and decided to order a pizza from his car. In an X post, he wrote, “When we decided to order from @dominos during the Bangalore choke. They were kind enough to track our live location (a few metres away from our random location added in the traffic) and deliver to us in the traffic jam.”

The delivery person arrived with a pillion rider and gave the Pizza to Rishi and his friends who were in the traffic jam. The video took the internet by storm and got more than half a million views.

A user jokingly said, “Next time I’m booking a massage from Urban Company.”

Another user said, “Domino’s fulfilling their 30-min delivery promise’…this is awesome. On another note, take a moment to consider these delivery personnel. It’s truly challenging for them, navigating through heavy traffic, and still consistently meeting customer expectations.”

Bengaluru’s infamous traffic jam sparked a row once again on Wednesday, a day after Bengaluru Bandh where the entire Outer Ring Road faced vehicle choke. Many employees, including the school children, reached their homes only after 8pm. Bengaluru police said that a high number of vehicles and multiple breakdowns led to congestion in the city yesterday.

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