Another ‘missing’ Indian student found dead in Ohio, US, 11th such case this year

Last week another Indian-origin student Uma Satya Sai Gadde, was found mysteriously dead in Cleveland, Ohio.

Indian embassy confirms death of Mohammed Abdul Arfath, student missing in Ohio(Indian Tech Guide)

The Indian embassy in New York has confirmed the tragic news that Mohammed Abdul Arfath, a 25-year-old student from Hyderabad who had enrolled for a Master’s program at Cleveland State University in 2023, is found dead in Ohio.

Abdul had been missing for almost three weeks.

The Indian embassy had previously communicated that they were coordinating the search efforts with Abdul’s family and local authorities. Today, they announced his passing.

The embassy expressed their sorrow with the following statement: “Anguished to learn that Mr. Mohammed Abdul Arfath, for whom search operation was underway, was found dead in Cleveland, Ohio. Our deepest condolences to Mr Mohammed Arfath’s family.”

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