Am I the spokesperson of Babur, Jinnah, Aurangzeb: Owaisi on Ram Mandir debate

Owaisi said he respects maryada purushottom Lord Ram. Nishikant Dubey asked Owaisi whether he considered Babur as an invader.

Asaduddin Owaisi said he respects Lord Ram but hates Nathuram Godse because he killed the person whose last words were ‘Hey Ram’.

Asaduddin Owaisi on Saturday asked whether the Modi government only serves one community and one religion and whether the January 22 consecration event of Ayodhya’s Ram Temple was a triumph of one religion over the other. Taking part in a discussion on Ram Temple inauguration, Owaisi said Muslims of the country are repeatedly asked to prove their patriotism. “Am I the spokesperson of Babur, Jinnah or Auranzeb? I respect Lord Ram but I hate Nathuram Godse who killed that person whose last words were Hey Ram,” Owaisi said citing the 2019 Supreme Court order which said the mosque demolition was an ‘egregious act’.

“Governments come and go. Modi government celebrated what happened on December 6,” Owaisi said to which chairperson Rajendra Agarwal said there was no festival on what happened on December 6, but the festival was on the inauguration of Ram Temple. “You are a scholar. You have legal knowledge also. Both ASI and Supreme Court said there was temple in which the mosque was built,” the chair said.

As Owaisi referred to Babur, BJP MP Nishikant Dubey stood up and said the chair should only ask Owaisi whether he considers Babur an invader.

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